Brand Kit

We’re very excited to roll out our new brand and share our school spirit. For years the passions of school faculty, students and family led to numerous interpretations of our identity. While all were great, together they began to cloud who we truly are. Today, we’ve reviewed the needs and marks through the years to create a robust and flexible set of marks easily adapted for stickers, shirts, team gear and so much more!


Graphics for white or light backgrounds

If you’re a parent, teacher, student or fan looking to flex your own school spirit or show off SPPCS by using the logo on a LIGHT or white colored background, these are the graphics for you.


  • Websites + social media with white background

  • Self-made white, yellow or other light colored T-Shirts

  • Self-made white posters, banners or other paper needs


Graphics for black or dark backgrounds

We know sometimes color is great. And most are dark enough to make our white logos look really smart. Whether black, red, blue, green or purple, these light and white logos well make sure we look great.


  • Websites + social media with dark backgrounds

  • Self-made darker color shirts or stickers

  • Self-made dark posters and signs


Popular team, group, activity and club logos

Looking to show off your band, baseball or soccer pride? We might have exactly what you’re looking for here with logos designed for Falcon passions. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Send a request below.


  • Team swag

  • Fan gear

  • Self-made pep newsletters, posters and stickers



Don’t see the files you need or looking for professional print files?


Send us a request!

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