Teaching for the future.

SPPCS provides an extensive core curriculum designed to prepare our students for high school and beyond. Our faculty strives to use a team approach to coordinate instruction across all grades and subjects. Teacher collaboration, in addition to our small class sizes, allows SPPCS the opportunity to meet individual student needs while still furthering the develop of our classes as a whole.

In addition to the core subject offerings, our students participate in Religion, Spanish, STEM, Music, Computers, PE and Character Education on a regular basis. They are also afforded the opportunity to participate in many other educational focused curriculars. We have a resource & gifted teacher on staff to work with those students who need an extra challenge or support and our art program allows our students an additional opportunity to express themselves creatively.  

All of this together allows us to instill a strong educational foundation into our graduates thus making them well-prepared for the demands of high school. We are proud to be able to successfully educate the whole child and develop the talents of all of our students.