Vision & Goals 


The leadership of SPPCS has continued to plan for the future of our school by developing a long range strategic plan.

This plan was first completed in October 2010 with minor updates completed in subsequent years. The planning process to revise the strategic plan was completed in the Fall 2017 and was led by the School Board and incorporated input from key constituencies.

The strategic plan is comprehensive and focuses on the following areas:

  • Catholic Identity

  • Recruiting & Enrollment

  • Curriculum

  • Development & Fundraising

  • Facilities

  • Finance

  • Long Range Planning


The planning process included the following:

  • Establishing the strategic goals & committees.

  • Assigning School Board members to each committee.

  • Conducting necessary meetings with various parish members to determine goals for each strategic area.

  • In-depth discussions regarding the strengths & areas of development faced by the school.

  • Review of curriculum, finances & facility needs.

  • Development of a written plan outlining key data, observations, goals & strategies.

The Strategic Plan will be monitored quarterly and updated annually by the School Board.
Review a copy of the Strategic Plan here.